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Summer Of Love 2003 [ Oficial pages SOL 2003 ] (20. july 2003 by Liibo)

For the seventh time you can enjoy the Summer of Love festival, one of the most popular and most frequented summer open-air festivals. What is the first news? Who is the headliner? What are stages going to be like? How many of them are going to be there? What is the festival going to offer this year besides the music stages?

Summer Of Love has always been a festival that reflected the Czech view of the world music scene where music and tolerance, mutual coexistence of people of many opinions and mutual understanding have always been the primary things. Simply - the Summer Of Love. To be together at least one day a year and to experience together music, new friendships and positive vibrations. Such Summer Of Love has always been and will be here. The summer of love.
More music. More love. More fun.

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Creamfields! [ Creamfields ] (15. květen 2003 by Liibo)